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Spring 2019
0000037: [General] Edge Compatibility Issue
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Released 2018-09-03
Fall 2018
0000034: [General] Update Queue to Work With New CAT-SOOP
0000026: [General] Logging In Should Not Lose Query String
0000027: [General] Logins should not be course-dependent
0000024: [General] easy way to back up encryption salt
0000015: [General] multiplechoice questions not submitting correctly (hartz)
0000011: [General] Investigate bubblewrap For Sandboxing? (hartz)
0000014: [General] expression questions always marked as incorrect (hartz)
0000012: [General] floating point precision issue in expression checker (hartz)
0000013: [General] Python 3.7 Compatibility (hartz)
0000010: [General] Make CAT-SOOP Work with LibreJS (hartz)
0000008: [General] better namespacing of default values for questions (hartz)
0000009: [General] Remove jQuery, Bootstrap, SweetAlert2 (hartz)
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