Scheduled For Release 2019-02-01
Spring 2019
0000036: [General] Directory Listing for Static Files
0000033: [General] Smart, Customizable Log Caching
0000032: [General] Dummy Question Type
0000019: [General] Allow pythoncode Checkers To See More Than Just Log Output
0000038: [General] Error when saving
0000002: [General] Support relative due dates
0000016: [General] Update Circuit Solver
0000037: [General] Edge Compatibility Issue
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Scheduled For Release 2099-01-01
These issues are likely to be resolved in the future, but there is no real deadline for including them.
0000035: [General] Allow Certain Submissions Not to Count Toward Total
0000006: [General] Port Drag-and-Drop Question Type from edX
0000001: [General] Integrate Help Queue With CAT-SOOP
0000007: [General] Numeric Range Question Type
0000021: [General] Question Types Should Be Allowed To Have Multiple Custom Actions
0000025: [General] Python Processes Sometimes Left Running
0000031: [General] Automate Re-encryption
0000005: [General] Improve Infrastructure for Giving Hints
0000017: [General] Integrate Roles, Sections, and Per-Week Time Specifications
0000022: [General] Improve Manual Grading Interface/Permissions
0000028: [General] Checker Concurrency Issues?
0000018: [General] Add Support for "Unauthenticated" Role
0000023: [General] add support for derivatives/integrals to expression questions
0000029: [General] Chrome Login Issues
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Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
These issues are unlikely to be resolved in the near future. They likely require substantial reorganization.
0000020: [General] embedding questions within questions/solutions
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