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0000020CAT-SOOP[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-13 23:12
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Summary0000020: embedding questions within questions/solutions
DescriptionThis would be a really nice feature to support, but it would likely require some rethinking about the way things are structured internally.

Requested via e-mail:

> Is there a way to put a comment box at the end of a cat-soop solution?
> For example, something like the following (which is malformed):
> <question expression>
> csq_prompt='hello'
> csq_soln=r'''
> Do XYZ then PDQ.
> <question smallbox>
> csq_size = '20'
> csq_prompt='Comments on the solution/confusing points?'
> </question>
> '''
> </question>
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