CAT-SOOP v2019.9.1 LTS ("Australian Mist") Released

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing to announce that CAT-SOOP v2019.9.1 has been released and is now available via PyPI (pip install --upgrade catsoop). This was a big release, and thanks go to everyone who contributed ideas, code, and bug reports!

v2019.9 is the first major release under a new release schedule and version numbering scheme based on MIT's semester schedule (20YY.9 for September, and 20YY.2 for February).

By popular demand, this release (and the September release in every odd year) will be a "Long-term Stable" (LTS) release. While there will still be a new catsoop version each semester, v2019.9 will continue to be supported for two years. During that time, v2019.9 will still receive bugfixes, but there won't be any backwards-incompatible changes unless a security issue forces my hand.

Also by popular demand (though arguably less important), this release is the first to have a codename: "Australian Mist".

A full listing of the changes in this version is available at the following link, under the "2019.9.0" and "2019.9.1" headers:

There are a few changes that are particularly important because they will break courses that had worked with the previous catsoop version. As such, existing courses will need a few changes to work with the new version:

  • The format of log files has changed. This change will require either moving or deleting ~/.local/share/catsoop/_logs, or updating logs to the new format by running the scripts in catsoop/scripts/util/14_to_15 (after making a backup).

  • Question names (csq_name) can no longer begin with an underscore (_).

  • __MEDIA__ can no longer be used as a name for directories containing static files. These directories should instead be called __STATIC__.

  • cs_print has been removed. You should use print instead.

  • csq_multiplechoice_renderer and csq_multiplechoice_soln_mode variables for multieplchoice questions have been renamed to csq_renderer and csq_soln_mode, respectively.

  • cs_score_message has been removed as a special variable. You should use csq_score_message instead.

  • loader.spoof_early_load has been renamed to loader.generate_context. If you have scripts or pages that rely on that functionality, you will need to update them to use the new name.

  • The catsoop.util module has been renamed to catsoop.user. All references to that module (including references to csm_util) should be updated.

  • The package has been renamed to catsoop.thirdparty. All references to that module (including references to csm_tools) should be updated.

If you have any questions about the changes, or if you need help with the process of updating your catsoop install, please feel free to reach out!