cs_user_info Question

I'm trying to use cs_user_info in preload.py but it doesn't seem to be populated then. Ditto for context.get('cs_user_info'), though I guess that's less surprising. I take it I need to use these only within cs_post_load? Will that be too late to add something to cs_top_menu? (I'm trying to add a staff-only link to the nav menu.)

Right, the preload.py code is run before authentication happens, so cs_user_info won't be available in preload code.

cs_post_load would be a fine place to mess with cs_top_menu, since it should be called before the structure in cs_top_menu gets turned into the actual menu that shows up, and you'll have access to the user information via context.get('cs_user_info'). I've done similar things in the past.