CAT-SOOP is a flexible, programmable learning management system based on the Python programming language.
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CAT-SOOP is a flexible, programmable learning management system originally developed primarily for use in MIT's 6.01 (Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science via Robotics).

CAT-SOOP is free/libre software, available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3+. Please note that the terms of this license apply to the CAT-SOOP system itself and any plugins in use, but not to any course material hosted on a CAT-SOOP instance, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


To install, run:

$ pip3 install catsoop

Or, from a clone of the repository, run:

$ python3 install

To generate a file, run:

$ catsoop configure

If you are setting up a public-facing copy of CAT-SOOP (as opposed to a local copy for debugging purposes), see the instructions at

To start the server, run:

$ catsoop start

To run all the unit tests:

$ python3 test




CAT-SOOP incorporates pieces of third-party software. Licensing information for the original programs is available in the LICENSE.included_software file. The CAT-SOOP distribution also includes several pieces of third-party software. Licensing information for these programs is included in this distribution, in the LICENSE.bundled_software file.